The Bohemian ARTISTS that collaborate with

Margret Harburg - Portland Oregon - USA

Margret is a brilliant independent artist who works with the youth of her community through a variety of creative programs. Her art often reflects society as she sees it around her.

Dig the animated version of Margret’s Surreal designs in our upcoming video.

Transport to her web page!

The Way Far-Out Home Collaboration Artists

Bob Wolanin - Bloomington IN - USA

Bob’s arcane and surreal art made him the ideal art director for TWFO. His talents run through art, animation, print, sculpture, theater, character, lighting design and multi-media.

Dig is crazy stuff here!

Lambert Consulting - Supporting the local arts community, Lambert Consulting has been a Bloomington staple for nearly a decade. Helping clients reach the world via advertising, social media, and brand strategy, Lambert continues to be the company firms of multiple sizes chose.  From Re/Max to Arthur Murray, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, the results continue to come for those who grow with Lambert.  To get your company recognized, start the conversation by visiting us at

Thing In A Pot Productions - Helping Bloomington’s small businesses and non-profit organizations to share their story through video.

Joanne Shank - New Horizons & Abstractions - Bloomington IN. USA

Joanne is a Bloomington visual and performance artist who’s beautiful work has graced the multi-media screen for The Way Far-Out with her gorgeous abstracts and imagination. From wild-life to cosmic abstracts, Joanne’s work features amazing details and harmonious color and flow.

Joanne’s talents include dance and movement. Another talent she shares with live audiences of TWFO. Dig her incredible work at