You are transcending Space - Time to dig The Way Far-Out You are entering another Dimension transcending time & space to the Official Home of performance art electronic musical group

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Groovy Psychonaut from The Way Far-Out

The Way Far-Out are making PPE for our front line healthcare workers

and those in our community that are vulnerable. Not to mention, they’re still making

 some great new beats to snap your synapse!

Stay tuned to this space for live performances!!!

Check out our new CD! Arriving From Way Far-Out  here


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We're too groovy for Earth Our groupies are OUT OF THIS WORLD
Sight seeing before a gig “The coolest extradimensional entertainers gleaned from the mulitverse forge a Performance Art Electronic Music Band” Love watching The Way Far-Out

Extradimensional Being -

1. A theoretical entity from a dimension beyond our own.

2. Originating outside the known physical reality of the universe.

3. Coming from a dimension outside Einsteinian space-time.

4. Any wildly spectacular Musician / Entertainer of

The Way Far-Out!

Send The Way Far-Out a far out message Hey Groovy Psychonauts! You can dig a LIVE performance of Who are they?   What are they?   Where do they come from? And Why is their music so Groovy? The Way Far-Out mesmerizing audiences

We can all dream, son.

Gee Dad!

When I grow up

Can I join

The Way Far-Out?

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You groovy Way Far-Outians and Psychonaughts asked for it. HERE IT IS!!!

TWFO’s new Album -

Arriving From Way Far-Out

Would you love a physical CD with trippy graphics instead of digitial download?

CONTACT US and we’ll transport an autographaphed CD to you!